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Phra Maha Chedi Srisangdham Visuddhi Mongkol

        ‘Phra Maha Chedi Srisangdham Visuddhi Mongkol’ has been erected in devoted memorial of ‘Phra Dham Visuddhi Mongkol’    (The Venerable Ajahn Mahā Bua Ñāṇasampaṇṇo) a supremely admirable monk who worked to preserve the three main institutions in Thailand, Nation, Buddhism, and Thai Monarch. Luangphu Mahā Bua, was an important disciple of Luangphu Mun Bhuridatto, who was a noble monk of his era. Bearing fruits of both the Noble path and Nibbana Luangphu Mahā Bua described and taught them to all walks of Buddhists, while tirelessly working to preserve the purity of knowledge and procedure within the Buddhist forest monastic tradition. 
        In the spirit of inexpressible gratitude, Venerable Phra Ajahn Sopa Samano has led many of those faithful in Luangphu Mahā Bua,  both monastic and lay, to demonstrate the power of gratitude and reciprocation through building this Phra Mahā Chedi, designed as a white lotus flower in keeping with the blessed name Mahā Bua. On October 23rd, 2554 B.E. (2011 C.E.) construction commenced with a foundation post laying ceremony. The base measures 78 meters in diameter and the height of the Chedi measures 61 meters from base to the top of the parasol. Relics of the Buddha are encapsulated with the parasol on top of the Chedi.
        The first floor is designated for Buddhists to practice Dhamma at their own pace, with the surrounding terrace purposed for clockwise circumambulation in recollection of the Triple Gem. Level two is intended for holding Buddhist ceremonies, and for training in Bhavana. Level three is a museum dedicated to the Sangha, which contains as part of its exhibition, a portion of Luangphu Mahā Bua’s relics and personal belongings that we may be offered the opportunity to pay respect to Noble disciples of the Buddha.
        We intend that ‘Phra Mahā Chedi Srisangdham Visuddhi Mongkol’ be of great benefit, a sacred place for devotion, study, and practice of Dhamma, with the aim of firmly establishing the timeless Dhamma with us now, and forever.

The area around Phra Maha Chedi Srisangdham Visuddhi Mongkol

1st floor

Evening Chanting Inside,  Walk the clock outside.

2nd floor

Religious Ordinance

3rd floor

Buddha Biography Painting,

The Venerable Ajahn Mahā Bua Biography Painting,

The Venerable Ajahn Mahā Bua's Relics.

Relics inside Phra Maha Chedi Srisangdham Visuddhi Mongkol


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